TomorrowNow Event

Join The Webinar Empowering Cooperative Farmers: Accessing Weather Data For Climate Adaptation

Climate change has been a growing problem and with this, food security continues to erode on all fronts: availability, access, utilization and stability. With rising temperatures and projected levels of atmospheric CO2 in the upcoming years, we can expect more frequent extreme weather events, diminished nutritional value in staple foods, smaller harvests, and an uptick in food prices.

ICA-Africa in collaboration with TomorrowNow is planning for a one-hour webinar on 29th February 2024, from 2:00pm EAT to sensitize agricultural cooperatives in Africa on the pivotal role weather intelligence, digital climate advisory and capacity development services can do to help farmer Cooperatives to adapt and thrive. TomorrowNow is a non-profit organisation that connects next-generation weather and climate innovations with communities in need. By combining transformational philanthropy, private sector innovation and local partners, they can tackle some of the toughest climate adaptation challenges facing our planet today. TomorrowNow catalyzes the partnerships necessary for rapid, localized and sustained climate adaptation.

We are pleased to invite you to join this free knowledge-sharing discussion to gain insights on climate adaptation. Kindly register to receive the link for the webinar.