Why join the Alliance?

As a member, you will gain from the Alliance’s leadership in a number of areas and be entitled to a number of benefits.

The Alliance is the Forum for Inter-cooperation:

  • Develop business relationships and partnerships with Alliance members
  • Alliance Expo and trade fairs

  • Access to the Alliance network

  • Connection to the global development network

The Alliance is the holder of Co-operative Knowledge:

  • Access to the Alliance network

  • Gain access to Alliance as a resource for co-operative expertise, in particular co-operative statistics,information and intelligence
  • Participate in capacity building/training programmes

  • Exchange of information and technical documents

  • Receive and access information on co-operatives including regular publications

  • Access member only resources including the Alliance Membership Directory, member only information releases, and global co-operative statistics as requested.

The Alliance represents the movement as its Global Voice:

  • The Alliance defines and promotes the co-operative difference with media and policy-makers

  • The Alliance represents the co-operative movement in multilateral organisations including the United Nations system, the International Accounting Standards Board, the European Union, and others.
  • Defence for the co-operative movement with national governments at the request of members
  • Participate in the governance of the Alliance

To see what some of our current members have said about what Alliance membership means for their organisation click here.

Download the Membership Prospectus in English, French, German and Spanish.

Download the Membership Prospectus for Agricultural co-operatives in English, French or Spanish.

Download the Membership Prospectus for Government Entities in English, French or Spanish.