The Alliance Africa Members

 The office has a total number of 34 member organizations spread out in 20 countries in the region. Find the Alliance Africa Membership map

                                                             Full Members

Country No. Organization Name
Angola 1 Cooperativa De Credito Para Os Funcionàrios Da Presidéncia COOCREFP
Botswana 2 Botswana Co-operative Association BOCA
Cote D’Ivoire 3 Fédération Nationale des sociétés coopérative d’Hévéa de Cote d’Ivoire FENASCCOOPH-CI
DR Congo 4 Cooperative d'Epargne ET Credit de Nyawera COOPEC Nyawera
Ethiopia 5 Awach Savings and Credit Cooperative ASCCo
  6 Oromia Coffee Farmers Co-operative Union Ltd.  OCFCU
Ghana 7 Easy Investment Co-op Credit Union Ltd. EICCU
  8 Ghana Cooperative Agricultural Producers and Marketing Association (AGRIC COOP GHANA) AGRIC COOP
Guinea 9 Federation des Cooperatives d’approvissionnement et d’alimentation generale FECAAG
Kenya 10 African Confederation of Co-operative Savings & Credit Association ACCOSCA
  11 Co-operative Bank of Kenya Ltd. CBK
  12 Kenya Union of Savings & Credit Co-operative Ltd. KUSCCO
  13 National Co-operative Housing Union Ltd. NACHU
  14 The Co-operative Insurance Company of Kenya Ltd. CIC
Mauritius 15 The Mauritius Co-operative Union MCUL
Niger 16 Fédération des coopératives maraîchères du Niger FCMN-Niya
Nigeria 17 Co-operative Federation of Nigeria CFN
  18 Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation Cooperative Multipurpose Society Ltd. NNPC-CMS
  19 Odu,a Co-operative Alliance OCA
Rwanda 20 National Confederation of Co-operative of Rwanda NCCR
S. Africa 21 South Africa National Apex Co-op SANACO
Tanzania 22 Tanzania Federation of Co-operatives Ltd. TFC
Uganda 23 Uganda Co-operative Alliance UCA
Zambia 24 Zambia Co-operative Federation Ltd. ZCF
Zimbabwe 25 Zimbabwe National Association of Housing Co-operatives ZINAHCO
    Associate Members  
Ghana 26 Ghana Co-operative Council GCC
Kenya 27 Co-operative University of Kenya CUK
  28 Eastern Africa Farmers Federation EAFF
Morocco 29 Office du Développement de la Coopération ODCO
Mozambique 30 Associacao Mocambicana de Promoco do Cooperativismo Modermo AMPCM
Namibia 31 Namibia Co-operative Advisory Board NCAB
Nigeria 32 Federal Department of Co-operative, Federal Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development FDC
Rwanda 33 University of Lay Adventists of Kigali UNILAK
Tanzania 34 Moshi Co-operative University MOCU
    Admitted Members but not activated their Membership accounts  
Ghana 35 FAKA Cooperative Network Ghana FAKA Coop
Guinea 36 Union des Cooperatives Guineennes pour le Developpement Duruable UCGDD
Mauritius 37 Jhurry RYA (JR school) CO. Ltd. JR SCHOOL
Sierra Leone 38 Department of Co-operatives DOC
Swaziland 39 Ministry of Commerce, Industry and Trade  
    Pending Membership application  
Ghana 40 Ghana Co-operative Council GCC
Guinea 41 Federation Nationale des cooperatives de Transport et Mecanique  
Morocco 42 Le éseau Marocain de I’Economie Sociale et Solidaire REMESS
South Africa 43 IBuso  
Tunisia 44 Medenine fishing cooperative