Events and Activities

No. Time Country Event
1 12th Feb - 29 March Japan ICA-MAFF Japan Training Course on Fostering and Improving Management
2 20th - 23th, March Brussels, Belgium Policy Forum for Development
3 12th -17th, March New Delhi Annual coordination and evaluation meetings for ICA-EU Project
4 27th, May Mozambique Pre-Conference on Co-operative development (Co-funded by the EU)
5 28th - 31st, May Mozambique Ministerial Conference Technical Committee (MCTC), - Government Official and Cooperative Leaders Conference and Regional Board Meeting - (Alliance Africa-We Effect East Africa)
6 7th, July   International Day of Co-operatives
7 9th - 12th, July Tanzania Capacity Building for Members (Co-funded by the EU)
8 August/September Japan African Co-operative Leaders' Training Programme - ILO and JCCU
9 September /October TBC Event on Policy on Development at regional level (Co-funded by the EU)
10 September / October TBC Africa Cooperative Ministerial Conference (ACMC) and Regional Assembly - (Alliance Africa-We Effect East Africa)
11 December Lesotho BOLESWA Forum - Alliance Africa Youth Network