Strengthening Womens' Access to Economic Freedom Across Africa.


Are you a woman aged 35 – 50 year who is a community-based leader of a primary cooperative or a grass- root Community Based Organization (CBOs)? We are looking for you to apply for the SEWA program.

The objective of the program is to strengthening women’s access to economic freedom across Africa, SEWA proposes to organize exposure visits for grass-root sisters from Africa aged 35 – 50 years to SEWA. During these visits, the participants would visit:

  • SEWA’s own cooperative bank – to understand how access to financial services like savings, credit insurance can lead to economic empowerment.
  • SEWA’s tree-growers cooperative – to understand how eco-tourism and rural tourism can generate newer and modern livelihood opportunities for rural women.
  • SEWA’s artisan cooperatives, federation and company – to understand how owning an entire garment value chain can enable integration of home-based women workers and artisans into every stage of a value chain leading to economic as well as social empowerment.
  • SEWA’s agribusiness enterprise – to understand how organizing small farmers into their own agri- business value chain can make agriculture of small farmers viable, sustainable and profitable.

The initial 7-day exposure visit will enable sisters from Africa to understand the SEWA model and also identify the areas of interest for them, which can then be explored further for Training of trainers. SEWA will cater for international travel costs, local travels costs, accommodation and food costs during the visit. Download the form here.



*Interested candidates are asked to apply by submitting their APPLICATION FORMS to cc Please mention in the email subject ‘SEWA- your name- your country of residence’. Deadline for applications is 31st December, 2019. Only those candidates selected for the next steps will be contacted.